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Live and Local Recap: Monday, October 28, 2013 — Senator Andy Sanborn and Adrianne Rupp

Andy Sanborn speaks about Medicaid expansion, which is the reason for a special session of the legislature that opens in November. Adrianne Rupp from the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire speaks on Common Core education standards.

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Newbury’s Veteran Memorial

After two years the Newbury Veteran’s Committee plans for a Veteran’s Memorial on the Bald Sunapee Camacho Property south of Newbury’s Town Offices is happening.   “We hope that many folks will take this opportunity to recognize our veterans by supporting

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Attorney Generals Perambulate Vermont and NH Borders

Attorneys General Delaney and Sorrell Will Meet on the Norwich/Hanover Bridge on May 14th for the Eleventh Perambulation of the NH/VT Boundary Under both New Hampshire and Vermont law, the Attorneys General are required to meet and “perambulate” the border

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