Interview Dave Stewart Mascoma Renovations

Dave Stewart on the Mascoma School Renovations bond issue that calls for a $21M renovation project.


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2 comments on “Interview Dave Stewart Mascoma Renovations
  1. Holly West says:

    At the peak of the bond the projected tax rate increase in Enfield is $1.05 per thousand ($1,000) per year. On a $200,000 house this would mean a $210/year property tax increase, not $350 as Dave mentions in the interview.

  2. Mike Diehn says:

    The Enfield Discuss list was created not because the members disliked anything. It was started to support, very directly, our free speech rights. The ENFIELD ListServ moderator at the time was kicking people out of the membership for saying things he didn’t like. As the discussions about the school renovation vote started up again, that moderator kicked more and more people out.

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