Hartford VT Police Arrest 4 in Drug Trafficking


Top – Bottom L-R Belinda Daniels 50, of Hartford VT, David Reyes 23, of Springfield MA,Jonathan Stack 27 of Holyoke MA and Louis Tibercio Cordeo 26, of Chicopee MA. Photos from Hartford PD

Four people were arrested on drug charges at a Cascadnac Ave residence in  Hartford VT on Wednesday. Police say Belinda Daniels 50, of Hartford VT, David Reyes 23, of Springfield MA, Jonathan Stack 27 of Holyoke MA and Louis Tibercio Cordeo 26, of Chicopee MA were all arrested on Trafficking Heroin, Trafficking Cocaine, Sale of Marijuana, and Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine and Heroin charges.

Police seized 14.9 grams of crack cocaine wrapped for individual sales, 15.6 grams of marijuana wrapped for individual sales, 136 individual bindles of heroin and 13.6 grams of heroin powder. The powdered heroin, when packaged into bindles, is equivalent to over 400 more bindles with a street value of 12,000.   Also seized were 100’s of heroin packaging heroin into individual sales bindles and a scale.


All were lodged at the Southern State Correctional Facility pending appearance on 2-13-14 at 12:30 pm in Windsor County Superior Court. Daniels was held on $1,000 bond. Stack, Reyes and Tibercio-Cordero were all held on individual $25,000 bonds.


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19 comments on “Hartford VT Police Arrest 4 in Drug Trafficking
  1. Elizabeth DANIELS says:

    YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY TO POST PUBLICLY!!!!! You THINK this people want this !!!!!! Who GIVES a flying rats arsch about this!!! It does NOT MAKE THEM BAD PEOPLE! Should everyone know that a POLICE OFFICER FROM THE HARTFORD PD is dabbling in INSURANCE FRAUD!!! Yeah! That is awesome! Way to ROLE MODEL.

    • Hartford Resident says:

      I’m sure that there are PLENTY of people who care about this considering that Cascadnac Ave is within walking distance to both the middle school and high school.

      Along with the fact that Belinda Daniels is importing scum from Mass to sell drugs to our community.

      Who gives a sh*t about insurance fraud, LMAO. Petty.

    • Ted Bundy says:

      No you’re right. It makes them good people for brining drugs into our communities and poisoning our youth. Why would the news posts such a big bust? Hmmmm I wonder. You do the crime you do the crime and wear the Scarlett letter hunny.

      • Wehr says:

        Uh the youth poison themselves. They have a choice on whether or not they buy it. IMO they (dealers) provide service to customers that wasn’t the product. It’s the same with tobacco or alcohol companies. The difference is dealers already have a customer base and don’t need to push it on people.

    • Baer says:

      Uh… Yes, generally when you break the law you end up in the paper. Shouldn’t be a scumbag if you don’t want a bad name for yourself.

    • Law Abiding Citizen says:

      Yes, it does make them BAD people. It defines BAD people. Drug traffickers are Bad people. VERY BAD. I hope they enjoy a nice long stay in prison.

    • ajm says:

      It was Jen bassets home. She was on a drug deal while this went down. She was caught later..check out the article on the 5th arrest. Her bf is from MA who is also a known drug addict and distributor. They all knew what they were doing. Davis roddy and Jen were arrested a few days prior to this on drug trafficking charges of crack and heroine. Who feels bad for these people? No one. They’ve been doing it for yrs and it’s about time it bites them in the ass. Roddy has several warrants out ffoe him in MA and fled to Vermont bro escape chargeS. Karma at its finest! Low lifes

  2. Edward DuBois says:

    Typical hard up single female from hartford importing scumbags from mass,what’s the matter no one up here to hang with you

    • Stammers says:

      Just because the newspaper says this, does not mean it is true. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF BEING IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME. I know Belinda was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So to all who believe this story- you’ll see. The media is so full of crap sometimes.. And this is one of those times. They don’t know the whole story- they only know what they WERE TOLD by someone else..

      • ghedrington says:

        Information was from a press release from the Hartford Police Department. We do not use newspapers for our stories. That being said, Daniels did not have a high bail and was released on PR.. which indicates she was not as involved as the others. We report the news not opinions.

        • Hljdelo says:

          You won’t be in “the wrong place at the wrong time” if you associate with good company at all times. Not hard to avoid people who are in the company of heroin/coke/crack/etc. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

        • bogus! says:

          Meaning she was their as a customer n shlda went home and smoked her CRACK! Oh please!!!!

      • SusanGH says:

        Being that Daniels was the only one from Hartford, it’s a fair guess it was her home they were all arrested in. If that’s the case, then please explain how she could be, as was said in a previous posting, ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’? If it was her home then she obviously invited known drug pushers into it and allowed them to set up shop. After all, it’s not as if they were only taking all that stuff out and packaging it all while she was out getting groceries and then hiding it all away again before she got back. I am curious where on Cascadnac Ave, though, as I only just recently moved away from there. Have to admit to a curiosity if they were in the same area of the road.

  3. mommabear21 says:

    As far as I’m concerned if she wasn’t reporting what was happening then she was in on it too but unless you’re there to see what happened or her in general nobody can say what REALLY happened . but with how close to our schools it was she shoyld stay in there with the rest!

  4. wheels says:

    everyone knows that the media doesnt know the facts however if you were present with the men and the drugs you will be arrested the court will sort it out if in fact you believe they get things right regardless of the facts and who is right or wrong she was present at the time of the arrest

  5. emma says:

    Little does everyone know this has been going on for months & even out of her own home with children around.. she has brain washed her step children. I’m glad this was posted . And anything that happens like this is public.

  6. cindyp says:

    Wrong place at the wrong time? Give me a friggin break, she was the only local there. She knew exactly what she was doing and who was involved. It’s not about what someone else is doing it’s what they were doing and got caught. Keep out of our little town and stick to the cities, you blend in better.

  7. bogus! says:

    Ohhh rubbish she knew well where she was what was there n was their to purchase! N even looks like she’s smoked some stuff in the pic here, I know that face! I know her! Tax season! I doubt she’s guilty by association.

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