Three Car Accident Closes RT 103 in Chester VT on Sunday

vermont 103RT 103 in North in Chester VT was closed for over an hour and a half on Sunday evening because of a three car accident. Officials say four people were taken to the hospital by Chester, Ludlow, and Springfield Ambulance services after DHART had to turn back after 10 mins into the flight due to snow. No other details are available at this time.

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3 comments on “Three Car Accident Closes RT 103 in Chester VT on Sunday
  1. Allen Seiple says:

    This accident was likely caused by a motorist driving Northbound at a high rate of speed, passing on a curve and losing control of his vehicle. I hope the injuries to the innocent people heading South were not severe.

  2. moriah johnson says:

    this accident was caused by a drunk person with many dwi and that should have NEVER been allowed on the road to begin with

    • Garret Cook says:

      Does anyone know what happened to the driver that caused the accident, or the other people involved? I was at the scene and helped a Doctor that was on scene a bit. I did think I smelled alcohol in the drivers car. He was in bad shape and he couldn’t move his legs at the scene. I get very angry when I see drunk drivers cause these serious accidents, but I wouldn’t wish a broken back on anyone. It seemed like the other cars injuries were minor, but if anyone has updates I would be interested.

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