Local 4-H Clubs Enjoy International Food Day

Acworth Hill Climberslarge

Acworth Hill Climbers: Members of the Acworth Hill Climbers 4-H Club represented Australia during International Foods Day. The corks hanging from these Aussie style hats are to keep nuisance flies away.
(pictured L-R Robyn Vasconcellos, Marissya Davis, McKenzie French, and Maria Luther-Houghton) Photo courtesy of 4H

Children, parents and leaders of eleven 4-H clubs representing Acworth, Charlestown, Claremont, Lempster, Newport and Plainfield came together in the cafeteria of the Newport High School to share International food, friendship and a variety of fitness activities last Saturday.  Members of the 4-H clubs choose a country to represent for the event and worked together to plan and prepare a meal from the country they selected.  They also work together to create a stage presentation.

The Blood’s Brook Bale Busters of Plainfield shared a Russian dance, the Bunny Bunch of Lempster acted out a Brazilian Folktale while the Charlestown Dairy Club and Jim Dandies shared what they learned about Greek mythology.   Members learned with team work you can get more accomplished, and the results are often better than when working alone.

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