No Sight of Missing Plainfield Horse – Missing Four Days

DJ the missing brown quarterhorsetracks horse from Plainfield ran off Thursday morning during the snow storm of last week. DJ took off after being frightened by a plow and broke through his electric fence.  He has been out in the bitter cold and snow has covered tracks he may have left.  Margaret Cassidy DJ’s owner says nine people searched all day Saturday for DJ  and found no trace of him. The only hope she has  is a set of very faint tracks that lead them to the west Lebanon end of Plainfield and that will be investigated Today. He may be 5 miles or more from Freeman hill now. He is still out there and may have ventured farther than originally thought. Cassidy has owned DJ for twelve years.   If anyone spots him please call the Plainfield Police Department at (603) 469-3344.

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46 comments on “No Sight of Missing Plainfield Horse – Missing Four Days
  1. Mary Moran says:

    Contact the area Postmasters so they can alert their carriers who are out there delivering mail. They cover just about every street every day.

  2. loriann agan says:

    also alert all those that are on the snow mobile trails in the area.

  3. A LaVallee says:

    Post a flyer at a sporting goods store — alert the trappers and hunters because they are out on the land more… trail cams and video surveillance from locations that have access.. Hunters are BIG on trail cams.

    Good luck!

  4. WAYNE GODDARD says:

    Try this, find the last known sighting of this horse if it knows you dress very warm lay down and cry like a baby make a fool out of yourself wimmper talk to yourself make it known you are there horses are exteramly courious they will come to you . IT works I did it more than once. very good luck to you.

  5. Burke says:

    Might be time to get airborne. There are a few people that have helicopters that live in the Plainfield area. Maybe one of them could assist ? There are also small planes that can be rented at the airport. I bet talking to one of the pilots would get you a break in the hourly rate.

    • Becky says:

      Margaret contacted a local gentleman that has a helicopter in Plainfield & he said the tree’s have just too much snow on them to get a good view to see anything :-(

  6. Janet Queen says:

    What about the search dogs who located the lost horse around Ascutney or Brownsville a few years back!!! They found the horse really fast. It’s saddle was hanging off and it had a few scratches but otherwise was alright!!!!

  7. Janet Queen says:

    Here is the old article about the lost horse a few years ago that some people found by using their PLOT HOUND TRACKING DOG!!! They are or were in WOODSTOCK< VT.. Maybe they can help!!

  8. Janet Queen says:

    ARE THERE ANY SIGHTINGS YET??? I hope he didn’t fall and get hurt.

  9. Marcia says:

    We had something similar happen a few years ago. They from the horse hanging out with a herd of cattle.

  10. Lorry says:

    I haven’t heard anything in a couple days. Any news? I thought about the helicopter plane idea also. What about infrared. Its suppose to find things from the heat thats produced from the body. I am so worried about him! I cant stop thinking about him wandering around cold and hungry? Would he be near the river? I use to deliver mail over there I’ve forgotten the roads locations. If there was just someway to where he mite be putting a couple hoses out might bring him out. Just some ideas. has it been aired on the news station that covered the area?

  11. Mandy says:

    Anything yet? Does anyone have a link to somewhere current info can be found? Horse owner’s FB updates even?

  12. Daisy Hendrick says:

    Everybody with a barn or horse shelter should double check them… abandoned or unused ones too. And the owner should check the routes they took the horse when they went riding. Over a decade ago a horse got out from my grandmother’s farm. We found her (the horse) at a neighboring farm on one of the more frequently routes we used to ride, she’d snuck in after the owner of the barn had put there horses in their stalls for the night, she was there for two days before the owners noticed and even once they did they “figured the owners would come looking for them” so they had done nothing to find us.

  13. tina says:

    keep looking’ we lost a huge black percheron for 4 days. the local news crew and radio stations picked up the story. and we finally found her.

  14. Kara says:

    I hope DJ is found soon and is ok.

  15. Diane Terry says:

    I truly hope they take Janet’s advice about using a tracking dog, and I pray this horse is found soon.

  16. ghedrington says:

    Sorry there is no news on DJ. Did email his owner with your suggestions. Let’s keep hoping and praying.

  17. Annie Schneider says:

    Consider notifying every business doing “windshield time”…UPS, FedEx, oil and propane trucks, auto parts, etc. Be sure the drivers have a photo and phone # in their vehicle. Could DJ be in a field with someone’s cattle of horses?

  18. Janet Queen says:

    Does anyone have contact info for the owner??? My sister does search and rescue and we can go up to the area on Saturday. We need the address of where the horse was. Does anyone know? Thank you.

  19. Lorry says:

    (603) 469-3344 fire depart plainfield nh named D.J. escaped from Route 12A, headed up Freeman Hill Road. If seen, do not try to catch him. He’s scared.

  20. Cyanrose says:

    Praying for your horses safety. I live too far away to help, but have you checked with the Lebanon Civil Air Patrol Squadron? They do search & rescues…and volunteer I think.

  21. Janet Queen says:

    Hi Lorry,
    Thanks for the street name. No we would never chase him if we happened to find him. We would call the Plainfield police since we don’t have any owner contact info. I hope he is found soon and safe.

  22. Kaley says:

    I own a Belgin quarter horse, and a Icelandic pony, my Belgin calls when we trail ride, let me know if she wants me and my boss to help find DJ, does anyone know if he was wearing a out door blanket, or any type of equipment that could get him stuck? Best wishes to the family, and the horse! 6035584514 is my cell phone # please no harassment, text me if I am needed in the search for this poor horse

    • Michelle says:

      Kaley What you are offerering to do with your horses sounds like a great way of trying to locate DJ. Im so anxious for him to be found as if he were my own. I wish there was a way for me to help too. I am praying with my mom i hope it helps.

      • Kaley says:

        I am offering to bring my horses down to plainfeild to let them call out and see if DJ winnies back or walks up to us. If he doesnt I will go for a trail ride, searching for this poor hungry horse.

    • Liz says:

      Cassedy’s email was listed in the Valley News article that was printed on Tuesday. The article stated there may be another search this weekend.

  23. Holly Vance-McKellar says:

    Any luck? Please let me know when you find himn and I will come give him a massage and Therapy mag and laser and….. no charge.
    I have been doing this for over 30 years. He will need it when he gets home.

  24. Kaley says:

    I can bring my Belgin horse over to were he was last seen, she calls alot on the trails, she is not an aggressive horse, I think DJ might respond or even come up to my horse or pony

    • lorry says:

      I dont understand why she hasnt taken people up on the offers people are willing to offer her??? This is so mind boggling to me?? Theres got to be some aggressiveness into looking for the horse. I’m sure the woman is upset about it. And as frustrated and upset as I am. Why dont you take your horse there and not ask? Just do it for the sake of the horse? I just dont understand what is going on? I’m very tempted in going there.

  25. Kaley says:

    Lorry, I dont know DJ, he could be very afraid of new horses, I also feel as if she needs to do more to find him, this horse has been missing to long

  26. Patti says:

    Are there any updates on DJ?

  27. Mandy says:

    3 weeks is a long time to go with no sightings or fresh tracks. Most of the missing horses in this area seem to be found within 3 days, even during summer months when it is hard to find tracks. It may be time to consider the saddening possibility that he fell through some ice or sustained severe injury. Or possibly he has wondered so far he is outside the suspected area if he has been found. Maybe try contacting towns outside the original potential area.

  28. lorry says:

    I sent emails to someone at the Granite Air Center in W. Lebanon explaining how serious this is asking for his help. I Suggested possibly using an infrared camera. I also sent email to the Dog Tracking Organization in Woodstock, VT I had read here where some one used the dog tracking and their horse was found. I also sent emails asking other organizations for any help they might know of. I would have liked a reply back. I really wanted to help and this is the only way I could think of that might help Margret to find DJ. I really love horses and I want to help them anyway I can.

  29. Kaley says:

    I see more people on this web site willing to do more searching than the owners if the horse. After week one I would have had dog tracking and infer red heat detecting planes searching for DJ. He could be so far away from home by now, or even dead. I wish they had taken tracking dogs out the day he disappeared

  30. lorry says:

    I feel the same way as you. No replies to any ones comments Everyone had great ideas in trying to find him too! I did what I could. I would have done it sooner but I didn’t want to interfere in something that wasn’t my business. I started feeling like he had to have more help in his search. That’s when I decided to find contacts and send out emails to try and get help for DJ. Then not one of them replied back to me! Extremely frustrating. A friend of mine said he might have fallen into the river because it is near by. What a tragic way for him to have died.I pray to god he didn’t. Such a heartbreaking situation.

  31. Kaley says:

    I haven’t herd of any way they are still searching for him, really I’m upset with how they haven’t let other people help. They should have looked for him the minute they knew he was gone, the waiting days before making the story on the news was stupid. If DJ is still alive I pray some one finds him, I cant understand how they can’t go so long with out finding him. I hope in the worst case seneraio that some one found him when he escaped and just hasn’t returned him. But thats doubtful. Best whishes for this beautiful animal, hope he is safe

  32. Kaley says:

    Do you know if there is a update on DJ? I haven’t heard anything new

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