Cold Weather Tips from the Lebanon Fire Department

Lebanon Fire DeptCold Weather Safety Tips
posted 8 minutes ago by Lebanon NH
Alert ImageWith the current winter storm and predicted subzero temperature Lebanon Fire and Emergency Management would like to remind everyone of the following important safety tips:

–With slippery road conditions we would recommend that people stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary

–Remember to keep pets indoors or make sure they have warm shelter

–To protect water pipes from freezing let the water run as a trickle and open the cabinet doors

– Sprinkler pipes in unheated areas are prone to freezing. All fire protection sprinkler systems filled with water should be maintained in a heated area

– If you know of someone who needs emergency sheltering please contact your local fire or police department. Community libraries can be used during normal business hours for those needing warming areas

– If using a space heater, make sure it is UL Rated and has tip over protection which will shut the device off in the event it falls over

– Do Not run emergency generators inside of your home or garage. Generators should be kept well away from doors and windows

– Adopt a Fire Hydrant – pick the fire hydrant(s) nearest your home or business and make sure that snow is clear and they are available in an emergency

– Do not use your kitchen stove to heat your home. Doing so can create deadly Carbon Monoxide levels in your home

– Ensure that all smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are working and have fresh batteries.

For more information or questions, please contact the Lebanon Fire Department at 603-448-8810.

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