Fairpoint Installs DSL Internet to Croydon Flat and Newport

fairpointFairpoint Communications says their DSL internet is available now to some residents of Croydon Flat and Newport. Jeff Nevins, spokesperson for Fairpoint says the expansion encompasses 143 home. Although Croydon Village and most of Newport have had access to DSL internet the expansion is part of the company’s plan to increase access to 95 percent of its service areas in NH. Nevins says the residents on the following roads should call to double check if they can get the DSL internet residents can call 1-866-984-2001.
Newport: Edgell and Town Line Roads
Croydon: Brighton Road, Brighton Lane, Camel Hump, Central Station, Croydon Turnpike, Dawgs Way, Fletcher, Hayward, Lane, Misery Mountain Road, NH Rt. 10, River, Sugar River Lane, and Winter Road.

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