Perrillo Sentenced 35 to Life for Wife’s Murder


James W. Perrillo with Attorney Steve Mirkin during sentencing

James W. Perrillo will serve 35 years to life in state prison for the murder of his wife Natalie LaFlam Perrillo on April 26, 2012. Sullivan County Superior Court Judge Brian Tucker went with Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin recommended sentence.  Natalie’s parents, cousin, daughter and friend gave victim impact statements, Jillian, the Perriello’s 13 year old daughter read an angry letter to her father saying she could not get that night that night out of her head  and recalled the noises, feelings and sights.
Perrillo’s attorney’s Kimberly Kossick and Steve Mirkin had asked a 18-36 year sentence saying Perrillo never tried to cover up the crime and confessed to the police. James Perrillo appeared drugged during his court appearance and had problems reading his statement to the Judge. He said he was sorry and this should have never happened.”I had no right to take her away from her kids or her family and her friends,” he said. Perrillo showed no visible reaction when the sentence was delivered



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