Priscilla Hagebusch Named Volunteer of the Year

barbra yomen and priscilla

(l-r) Barbara Holden Yeomans and Priscilla Hagebusch – Volunteer of the Year.

Priscilla Hagebusch was named volunteer of the year for Richard’s Library. Andrea Thorpe Library Director presented Hagebusch with the Pamela Gay Award for Volunteerism at a Friday afternoon tea. Fagebusch moved here three years ago from Louisiana but has strong ties to the area, her grandmother is Barbara Holden Yeomans who started the Sarah Josepha Hale award along with Priscilla’s grandfather.  Priscilla is known for her cookies and her most recent accomplishments of making draperies for the Sarah Josepha Hale room, and room darkening shades for the Tomie dePaola room. In addition to volunteering at the library she donates her time and talents to the Newport Thrift Shop and the Newport Historical Society.

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