Newport Selectboard Says Yes to Name Change of Lily Pond

The testimony fadamrom family members and friends of Adam Pysz was emotional at the public hearing for renaming Lily Pond to Pout Pond at Newport’s Selectboard meeting on Monday. In addition to the testimony over 200 names was submitted in favor of the name change. After a discussion, Newport’s Selectboard unanimously voted to submit the name change to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS will search for nearby bodies of water named Pout Pond if there are none, the name change is then sent to NH EPA for finalization. The name change was requested to honor Adam Pysz a 17 year old, killed in an accident in November of 2012.

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One comment on “Newport Selectboard Says Yes to Name Change of Lily Pond
  1. Lorraine Padova says:

    Found this as I was searching archives on Adams passing. But so far no luck finding any info. But did come accross this

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