Missing Soldier Memorial Rifles

soldiers MemorialA Sunapee resident is wondering what happened to the riffles that were part of Newport’s Soldiers Memorial on the common. Richard Miller used to love visiting Newport as a kid and going to the Common to look at the Memorial with the Civil War soldier. “There was a bunch of rifles stacked around the soldier. Those rifles came up missing some years ago and I have asked several people from Newport what had happened to them and no one seems to know.”Miller said. According to Miller soldiers would stack their riffles before going to sleep.
Newport’s Soldier’s Monument was dedicated 101 years ago to commemorate the
patriotism and sacrifices of the town’s men who fought in America’s wars up until the date it was constructed, 1912. Those wars included The Revolutionary War – 40, The War of 1812 – 17, The Civil War – 240, and The Spanish-American War – 81.

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One comment on “Missing Soldier Memorial Rifles
  1. judy says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that no one seems to know,I would go to the chief of police or town manager if you alresdy haven’t. .. someone has the answer

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