Springfield Women Documenting Experience of Women during WWII


Jaymee Jones (Senior, River Valley Technical Center) Jennifer Grant (Executive Director, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce), Myrtle Birsky and Norma Nemkovich (Women of the World War II Era and Oral History Interviewees).

Two Springfield VT women are partnering on a project to collect oral histories from women of the Precision Valley who experienced the societal shifts of World War II with , “Beyond the Home Since 1941”. Jennifer Grant and Jaymee Jones are leading the project but anyone interested in being a sponsor, interviewer or videographer can contact Jennifer Grant at the Springfield Chambers office at 802-885-2770.
Grant is Executive Director of the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce and Jones is a senior at the River Valley Technical Center and working on the project as part of a special study in history. The goal of the project is to capture a video record of the memories held by women who helped keep the nation intact by serving in the home and beyond. The oral histories will fill a gap and supplement the region’s existing historical records. Currently they have interviewed four local women with five more interviews in a wider region this fall.

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