District One Executive Councilor Ray Burton Says Health Prevents Him from Seeking Re Election

Ray Burtonsm

Ray Burton at McKenna’s in New London 2012

After 36 years of serving District 1 in the Governor’s Executive Council, Ray Burton announced on Sunday that he would not seek re election for Executive Council or as a Grafton County Commissioner due to his returning cancer. In Feb. of 2013 the Executive Councilor announced that he had curable kidney cancer and would scale back on his public appearances and attend meetings electronically while seeking treatment. In his press release on Sunday he promised to fulfill his duties that were trusted to him. Burton said, “I wish to thank my fellow residents of New Hampshire for giving me the privilege to serve them. In addition I thank my fellow Councilors and the Governors I proudly served with. I would also like to thank the 350 directors and commissioners I had the honor to work with over my years of public service. All decisions and matters addressed were always in the best intention to see our state succeed and I am honored to have been allowed to serve and work to make a difference for the Granite State.”

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