Hero Saved by Firefighters and EMS

New London Photo

New London Firefighter Nick Deschamps while helping to revive Hero. Photo courtesy of New London Fire Dept.

Justin-Rollins and heroAlthough the home of Skip and Rhonda Rollins’ on Willow Street in Newport, sustained fire damage on one side and extensive smoke damage throughout, firefighters were able to save their late son Justin’s personal belonging and more important Hero. Hero came to Newport from Iraq after the Rollins requested the dog be sent to them after their son Justin was killed. Justin had sent pictures home of him and the puppy the night before a roadside bomb took his life.
The Rollins were not at home and the basement fire was reported by a neighbor just before 6:30 pm. on Tuesday. Firefighters found a dog and cat on the first floor and removed them safely from the home, but they found Hero upstairs unresponsive. Newport firefighters and EMS started cooling the dog and giving him oxygen while transporting him by ambulance to Claremont Animal Hospital. While en route Hero awoke and began to act normal. The animal hospital said Hero should make a full recovery.

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One comment on “Hero Saved by Firefighters and EMS
  1. Harriet St. Laurent says:

    Thank God the family is safe and Hero survived!

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