Goodwin Community Center Trust Status in Question

goodwinAlthough the City Manager Guy Santagate has plans for the Goodwin Community Center, it may be awhile until Claremont has the authority to do anything with the property. City Solicitor Jane Taylor filed a Cy Pres petition to dissolve the Goodwin Community Center Trust, which would take the property into probate court for an undetermined amount of time. The City believes the property is a trust and the City Councilors are the Trustees. However, Jim Feleen a title attorney and resident of Claremont doesn’t believe the Community is a trust. Feleen says he has no ax to grind but feels City Officials have ignored the Commission and sited a letter sent by them to the Mayor in June and they have yet to receive an answer. A court date for the Cy Press hearing yet to be set.

Read the Goodwin Community Center Commission letter

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One comment on “Goodwin Community Center Trust Status in Question
  1. Frederick Goodwin says:

    I would like to be informed of any developments on this subject. Thank you

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