Charter Question Makes Claremont Ballot

claremont city hall“Shall a charter commission be established for the purpose of revising the municipal charter or establishing a new municipal charter?” Will be on the November 5, ballot for Claremont voters, thanks a petition drive lead by Cynthia Howard. The petition committee obtained 253 verified voter signatures although they only needed 230, representing10 percent of the people who voted in the 2012 election. If the Charter Commission question gets voted in, there will be another election early next year to vote for nine members to serve on the commission. One of the signatures on the petition was of City Manager Guy Santagate.

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One comment on “Charter Question Makes Claremont Ballot
  1. Thanks to the petitioner’s committee as well as the volunteers who circulated the petition including (Phil, Carrie, Tim, and Bernie). The petition contains the names of 253 registered voters who represent a cross-section of Claremont citizens. It was an initiative started and completed by the citizens and for the people of Claremont.

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