Hanover Moves To Kiosk Meters for Parking

Kiosk meters are behanovering installed in Hanover replacing the old coin meters, and installations should be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday. The Kiosk will accept coins and credit cards as forms of payment, but there is a .20 convenience fee for credit card use to offset fees charged back to the Town from the credit card companies. In addition to the new meters there are new rates that vary depending on where you park. Click more for new rates and Kiosk locations.


New equipment and rate increases include the following areas:
South Main Street (2hr meters): .50 to $1/hour
Municipal Lot 1 behind Town Hall (3hr meters): .50 to $1/hour
Upper Lebanon Street (2hr meters): .50 to .75/hour
Bank of America Deck: .50 to .75/hour (3hr meters)/.25 to .35/hour (10hr meters)
School Street (10hr meters): .25 to .35/ hour
Allen Street Ext. (10hr meters): .25 to .35/ hour
When the multi-space kiosks are upgraded, the following areas will see rate increases:
Marshall Lot (10hr kiosk): .25 to .35/hour
Municipal Lot 7 (10hr kiosk): .25 to .35/hour
Municipal Lot 6 (2hr kiosk): .50 to .75/hour
South End Dartmouth Green (2hr kiosks): .50 to .75/hour
S Block Lot (2hr kiosk): .50 to .75/hour

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