NH Makes Plan for NASCAR Traffic

nascarNH is expecting 100,000 spectators and 37,700 vehicles for this Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Race in Loudon. A comprehensive traffic plan will be in effect to handle the extra traffic. For those who plan to travel NH Route 106, Interstate 393 and Interstate 93 click on more for road information.
(1) On race day morning, NH Route 106 will be two lanes northbound and one lane southbound from I-393 to the intersection of Shaker Road. There will be three lanes northbound and one lane southbound from there to the NHMS south access road. As traffic builds up in the three northbound lanes, traffic control personnel will extend the three lanes southerly to a point south of the NH Route 129 intersection.

(2) Also, on race day morning, the I-93 northbound Exit 15E off‑ramp will provide two temporary lanes of traffic onto I-393 eastbound. In order to reduce congestion on I-93 and promote safety, the I-93 northbound on‑ramp at Exit 14 (Loudon Road) will be closed from 5:00 am to 11:00 am. The ramp traffic will be detoured to either I-393 Exit 1 via Fort Eddy Road or I-93 Exit 15 via Bridge Street and North Main Street. The I-393 Exit 1 eastbound off ramp to Fort Eddy Road will be closed from 5:00 am to 11:00 am. Ramp traffic will be detoured off I-393 via Stickney Avenue or I-393 Exit 2 (East Side Drive).

(3) Between 2:30 pm and approximately 9:30 pm, NH Route 106 will be closed to northbound traffic from I-393 in Concord to NHMS. During this time, three temporary southbound lanes will be provided on NH Route 106. For safety reasons, the intersections of the following roads with NH Route 106 will be closed during the one-way conversion: Hollow Root Road, Mudgett Hill Road, Clough Pond Road, Currier Road, Sheep Rock Road, South Village Road, Wales Bridge Road, and Josiah Bartlett Road.
Motorists using Clough Hill Road, Beck Road, New Shaker Road, Soucook Lane, North Village Road, Goshen Drive, NH Route 129, East Cooper Street, Hemlock Hill Drive, Chichester Road, and Autumn Drive will be able to enter NH Route 106, but only for southbound travel. During the approximately seven hour period NH Route 106 is limited to one-way southbound traffic. Safety vehicles will be stationed at four strategic locations to respond to emergency calls.

(4) NH Route 106 in Belmont will again be made one-way northbound between the Concord Street/NH Route 106 intersection and the intersection of NH Routes 140 and 106. This section of roadway will be converted to a temporary two lane one-way northbound roadway between approximately 4:00 pm and 9:30 pm. On NH Route 106, two northbound left turn lanes and one thru/right lane will be provided at the NH Route 140 intersection. Southbound NH Route 106 traffic will be detoured onto NH Route 140 west to Concord Street, and then back onto NH Route 106. North Main Street will be temporarily closed. All other streets in Belmont will continue normal operations.

(5) From approximately 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the I‑393 Exit 3 eastbound off‑ramp will be open to southbound NH 106 traffic only, and the northbound Route 106 travel lane will be closed. The I‑393 Exit 3 westbound off‑ramp will be closed to all traffic.

(6) The I‑393 Exit 1 westbound on‑ramp From Fort Eddy Road will be closed from approximately 3:15 pm to 9:30 pm.

(7) At the I‑393 and I‑93 interchange, the I-93 northbound off‑ramp to I-393 west (Exit 15W) and the I-393 eastbound off‑ramp to I-93 south will be closed from approximately 3:15 pm to 9:30 pm. Motorists attempting to use the I-393 eastbound off‑ramp to I-93 south will be diverted to Stickney Avenue from which they can access I-93 south at Exit 14.

(8) The I-93 Exit 14 southbound off‑ramp and the I-93 Exit 15E southbound off‑ramp to I-393 eastbound will be closed from approximately 3:30 pm to 9:45 pm. Motorists will be directed to use Exit 15W to reach Exit 14 destinations.

(9) Special measures will be used on I-93 during the late afternoon and early evening hours of September 22. Three southbound lanes will be provided for five miles on I-93 from just north of Exit 15 (I‑393) in Concord, south to just beyond the junction of I-89 in Bow. This will be accomplished by “borrowing” a lane from the normal two-lane northbound barrel of I-93 and converting it to a temporary southbound lane from approximately 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. As traffic approaches Exit 15 from the north, it will have the opportunity to cross the paved median and use the “borrowed” lane to, in effect, create an express lane to the Hooksett Toll Plaza. No exits will be accessible from the “borrowed” lane through Concord. Southbound I-93 traffic destined for I-89 MUST remain on the usual two southbound lanes and not use the “borrowed” lane.\

(10) Due to the bridge replacement project on I‑93 over I‑89, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm the I‑93 northbound traffic will be diverted to the adjacent collector-distributer (CD) road. Traffic may then continue to I‑93 north or use the on ramp to I‑89 north. This diversion may cause increased afternoon delays and drivers are advised to seek alternate routes or adjust travel times if possible. The I‑89 southbound off ramp to I‑93 north will be closed and traffic will be detoured via Route 3A to the I‑93 Exit 12 northbound on ramp.

(11) Special measures on I-393 westbound will also be in effect at Exit 15 to enhance access to I‑93 southbound. From approximately 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the loop ramp for this movement will provide two lanes of traffic. The two lanes will be merged on I-93 southbound prior to reaching Exit 14.

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