Unity School Board Writes Letter of Thanks to Claremont

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September 3, 2013
Dear Claremont School Board and Community Members,
On behalf of the Unity School Board and the entire Unity community, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the assistance you have given to our school’s children and staff during this period of relocation.
When the planning for our relocation began in the late spring, with details finalized this past July, we had hoped that it would be for the short-term until we were able to occupy our new school.
As you are aware, our construction has been behind schedule and we remain optimistic that as we get back on track, we will be able to return in the late fall back to Unity.
The assistance given by your school personnel, and especially principals Melissa Lewis and Paulette Fitzgerald, was one of warm hospitality and welcome. We have seen the red carpet rolled out for our students and staff to feel a part of the Claremont community.
We have been so impressed by the smooth transition that has occurred and know that this is truly indicative of the people in your schools with their commitment to all children!
We thank you again, and remain indebted to you for your helping hand.
Best regards,
Shawn Randall
Board Chair
Prudence McCormick
Board Vice-chair
Robert McDevitt
Board Member

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