Robarge Arraigned, Probable Cause Hearing Date Set


NH Public Defender Caroline Smith talking with her client James Robarge

James Robarge’s arraignment in Claremont District Court on Monday took 45 seconds, he did not speak. He was charged with second degree murder of Kelly Robarge his wife for over 20 years. According to the complaint filed by the State of NH officials believe that Robarge killed Kelly Robarge in her 124 Happy Acre’s home in Charlestown NH between 10:54 am and 6:06 pm on June 27 the day she filed for divorce. Kelly’s remains were found on Britton Road in Unity NH on July 6. Click more to continue reading. Morrell was unable to give any information if a murder weapon was used since the investigation is still active. A probable cause hearing is set for September 5, at 1:00 pm, after that the Grand Jury has 90 days to take up the case. James Robarge is currently housed at the Sullivan County Corrections Facility in Unity just about a mile from where Kelly’s remains were found, he is being represented by Caroline Smith, NH public defender.

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