Investigation finds compliance issues would not have stopped Springfield substation accident

greenAn investigation conducted for Green Mountain Power determined any non-compliant issues related to federal guidelines would not have prevented the May 14 incident where a 12-year-old Springfield boy was hospitalized after he sustained a high-voltage shock in a gated substation.
The report completed by Clapp Research Associates, of Raleigh, N.C., directed the state’s largest electric utility to place safety signs closer to the Springfield-based South Street substation gates and increase the clearance of high-powered apparatus on the structure to comply with the National Electrical Safety Code to prevent future tragedies at the scene.
Despite the isolated compliance concerns, the report conclude those issues likely would not have made a difference in this accident and alternatively ruled Green Mountain has opportunities to improve surveillance and safety at the substation. The findings also indicate the fenced area was adequate to inhibit the entry of an unauthorized person, although the above ground clearance for the lightning arrester a large equipment piece within the substation did not meet the national code requirements. This story from the Eagle Times.

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