Delegates Vote to Purchase Unity Forest Property

sullivan county delegationAfter a lively and varied discussion the Sullivan County Delegates voted 9-2 to purchase the Unity Mountain Forest a 596 acre parcel in Unity for $298,000 with Representatives Steve Smith and Joe Osgood voting no. Representative Joe Osgood said he felt the land was overpriced since the majority of the woodlands had been logged and wanted to amend the price to $238,000. Representative Steve Smith, said he wanted a good reason to “spend the taxpayers money” and noted that the towns of Washington, and Charlestown NH select boards were both against the purchase. Representative Ray Gagnon said most of his constituents were in favor of the purchase.

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2 comments on “Delegates Vote to Purchase Unity Forest Property
  1. D Richardson says:

    This is actually a great thing.
    Not only will this give the County ownership of 75% of the water line land (water for the Sullivan County Complex) so that no ROW disputes can ever occur, but it also gives them a future harvest of wood for the new wood plant at the complex and MOST importantly will keep the land OPEN to the public for hiking and hunting and keep it WILD for the bear, moose, deer, owls etc that call this mountain home.
    If this parcel were sold instead to some rich “outsider” a many hundred home development could occur or a single “estate” could be created and be posted. BOTh would eliminate all public use of the lands forever
    We live on land that abuts this property and are 100% in favor of the purchase

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