Vandals Hit Springfield VT’s Main Street

vandalsSpringfield VT experienced senseless vandalism on the walkways of Main Street between the areas of the Community House Bridge and the Town Library between 11 pm and midnight last night. Signs were broken; plants and flower uprooted and left on walkways, spray paint on the street, and fence posts taken out. Anyone who has any information as to the person or persons responsible are urged to call the Springfield Police (802) 885-2113

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2 comments on “Vandals Hit Springfield VT’s Main Street
  1. There are apartments all up and down the main street. And no one heard anything to report?
    Where were the police????

  2. I just read on another site that someone did hear something and called 911. Said it was a bunch of “brats”.
    Typical these days, no respect, no common sense, no sense of worth.
    I say when they find out who did this, make THEM help repair the damage and if underaged, fine the parents and make the PARENTS of the underaged unsupervised brats do the repair work also!!!

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