Sunapee resident auditions for American Idol Friday

pattersonIf he was nervous, you couldn’t tell. Standing in a dimly-lit nook of Time-Out Sports Bar and Grill in Claremont on Wednesday night, Burke Patterson, 21, serenaded a large crowd with a mixture of country songs and some of his own. And of course, some Johnny Cash.The performance was a practice round a ‘good luck send-off’ —in front of his family, friends, and strangers who simply stepped in to grab an after work brew.
But Friday morning is Patterson’s real performance, as he is scheduled to audition for the 13th season of American Idol.
“I always watched American Idol,year after year.”Patterson said.”It’s so cool to try for myself.”
Currently a Sunapee resident, Patterson received a guitar for Christmas last year.Since then, he’s become a master of the strings and quickly learned he had the vocals to match.”I really just love singing.” he said. This Story From the Eagle Times

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