Claremont’s Outdoor Pool Gets Temporary Stay


Claremont’s Outdoor Pool once home of the NH State Swim Meet.

Cynthia Howard Claremont Citizens For Lower Taxes Jeff Barette

Although Claremont’s City Council never voted to demolish the outdoor pool, it was revealed during last night’s Council meeting that approximately $10,000.00 of the $50,000.00 budgeted for future demolition was already been spent on taking out the electricity and the bathrooms at Veterans Park. Jeff Barrette, Claremont Businessman and Sullivan County Commissioner presented the Council with a petition signed by 325 Claremont registered voters who wanted to stop the demolition of the pool. Cindy Howard of Claremont’s Citizens for Lower Taxes came out in support of keeping the pool.
Barrette’s offer to pay out of his pocket for a re evaluation of the pool was rejected but the Council decided 6-1 to send out a Request for Qualifications to hire an expert to examine the facility. Click on the links for audio.

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