Armed Robbery at Rite Aid in Windsor

WINDSOR-Police say a white armed robberymale with a handgun held up a Main Street pharmacy Wednesday evening and fled with an undetermined amount of drugs.
The suspect, described as roughly six-feet tall, brandished a dark-colored firearm at approximately 7:40 p.m. to a clerk in the Rite Aid pharmacy before escaping through the rear door into an alley. A Vermont State Police canine tracked the suspect for several hundred yards but lost the suspect along State Street.This story from the Eagle Times

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2 comments on “Armed Robbery at Rite Aid in Windsor
  1. Chad says:

    This man Daniel Mcpeck was just arrested 6/26/13 in NY. This was made possible because a bail bondsman in NC posted information on The bail bonding compant was contacted by a woman in New Hampshire that had information that helped 6 police agencies find him

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