7 Claremont and 2 Newport Residents Arrested in Drug Sweep

aldrich-tile2Members of the NH Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Dept., Claremont PD, Newport PD and Sullivan County Attorney’s Office all took part in a 5 month cumulative investigation that lead to the arrest of nine area residents for sale of controlled substances. .
The following five individuals were arrested and arraigned before the 5th Circuit Court in Claremont: Kathryn Burnash, William Rawling, Jonathan Baldwin, Gary Desilets, Robert Simoneau, will have a probable cause hearings on June 20, and Douglas Desilets and Justin Aldrich will have probable cause hearings on June 27th. Bail has been set for all of them, ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.
The two Newport residents also arrested in the sweep are Aaron Quimby 22 and Harley McElroy18 Both charged with a single Felony level offenses count of Sale of a Controlled Drug (marijuana). Both McElroy and Quimby were subsequently released on $10,000 dollars personal recognizance bail and have been ordered to appear on August 20 at the Newport Circuit Court

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4 comments on “7 Claremont and 2 Newport Residents Arrested in Drug Sweep
  1. jesse padova says:

    So ridiculous seriously…people stopped using heroin up there which was there “concern” now there’s no real drugs and there wasting taxpayers money on marijuana..if only there was real crime to fight

  2. Nicholas Santana says:

    Wow every one they got had nothing and are nobodies shows how good the cop out here are pathetic

  3. Joe Gosselin says:

    These people are only low level dealers trying to support there own habit. The police and attorney general should not be wasting there time and tax dollars on chasing addicts. If they really wanted to do some good they would instead arresting these people and sending them to jail. They should be treated for there problems. And chase the major dealers: if they want to win the ” war on drugs” they should start with treating addicts for there disease. Instead of filling our prison system with non-violent low level offenders who could be productive members of society.

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