DHMC and New London Hospital

dhmcGeneral Joseph A. Foster announces that, pursuant to the requirements of RSA 7:19-b, regulating acquisition transactions involving New Hampshire health care charitable trusts, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and New London Hospital Association have submitted a proposed affiliation agreement to the Charitable Trusts Unit of the Attorney General’s Office for review. If the proposed transaction is completed, Dartmouth Hitchcock will become the sole corporate member of New London Hospital Association with certain reserved powers over New London Hospital’s governance and operations.
The Charitable Trusts Unit will conduct a review of the proposed transaction in accordance with the requirements of RSA 7:19-b. Prior to making a final determination, the Director shall accept input from any member of the public wishing to provide comment on the proposed affiliation transaction. Public comments should be directed to the Director of Charitable Trusts via letter or email, with the subject line “NLH/DHH Proposed Affiliation” at the following addresses:
Charitable Trusts Unit
33 Capitol St.
Concord, NH 03301

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