Croydon’s Ladies Auxillary Served Eviction Notice from Fire Department

Sandy Beards Testimony On The Meeting Minutes

The Sullivan Countcroydon fdy Sheriff’s office confirmed on Friday that the Croydon Vol. Fire Department had the Sheriff’s department serve the Ladies Auxiliary of the Croydon Fire Department with an eviction notice. In March, the Auxiliary sued the Fire Department in Sullivan County Superior Court for access to the fire station. Kevin O’Shea attorney for Croydon Fire Department explained that acting Chief Rizza had papers missing from his office and found nails under the tires of one of the fire trucks. Judge Brian Tucker ruled in favor of the Fire Department. Currently the Ladies Auxiliary holds bingo in the Fire Station Hall on Thursdays. They have until September to vacate the premises. See related story here and on this page.

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20 comments on “Croydon’s Ladies Auxillary Served Eviction Notice from Fire Department
  1. Brenda Williams says:

    I think they are getting everything they deserve. They have treated me and several others with such disrespect that I can’t even begin to tell you all of it. The ignorance is plentiful

    • katrina kirkell says:

      Brenda you were kicked out because of your rudeness and utter disrespect for the women working at the hall and other people around you. Furthermore the Aux. bought the building that the fire dept is in now, how can they be kicked out of a building that they bought???

      • Brenda Williams says:

        Katrina, you were fed lies about why I was kicked out!!!! If the auxillary owns the building why is it that they asked the curt to turn the deed over to them and it was refused?? I have signatures from almost every patron at the bingo hall stating otherwise and we will see when that goes to court as well!!!!!!

        • Brenda Williams says:

          and what about not respecting me I am a patron and don’t appreciate the fact that when I call bingo they are handed my card to call back my numbers and then it is thrown back at me along with throwing my money at me and I do have witnesses to this behavior. Respect begets Respect!!!!!! Of corse the bingo chairperson says otherwise and has her little click attest to it as well, but witnesses ar witnesses. Furthrmore there are many atrons there that don’t respect those people!!!! But whatever, the money is better off at any other bingo hall going to gooduse instead of there’s any day!!!!

  2. Paula A. Silva says:

    I don’t think its right to blame a whole group for what one or two persons might have done. Lock up your office Chief, and do an investigation to find out who is behind this before you evict a vital part of the department. The ladies from Croydon have worked hard over the years to support this department and make money by holding bingo and other fund raisers. They don’t get paid, its all volunteers too. I cannot believe this is happening.

    • ghedrington says:

      More of the story should be coming in the future. Then perhaps a judgement can be made.

      • Brenda Williams says:

        everyone already knows who the problem is!!!!! There are alot of puppets nvolved as well and if those puppets are willing to keep going along with the problem and becoming more of a problem then they all need to go.

        • Mindy Pinto says:

          It’s kinda funny that we r supposedly the ones causing problems when u called my husbands work in nj and said he wasn’t allowed to park his tractor trailer truck at the bingo hall. It was only there while he was there working. You calling his boss is just causing you problems. You are NOT a member of the croydon ladies auxililary and are NOT an officer of the law so stop causing more problems for yourself

          • ghedrington says:

            I approved this post but be warned this is NOT the place for personal bickering. Take that off the board.

          • Brenda says:

            As usual Mindy you don’t have the facts straight!!!! Seems to be the going thing with you people. And none of this has caused me any problems, only problems for you.

    • Sandy Beard says:

      Paula, What Mr. Rizza doesn’t bother to say is the office door was locked and we don’t have a key to it and we couldn’t and didn’t put nails under the fire truck tires. The door in between the hall and station has been locked. Kicking out the wrong organization. Look into your own members.

      • ghedrington says:

        Please ladies this is not the place to settle your personal differences. That is NOT what this board is for. WNTK has the full tape of the hearing.

      • ghedrington says:

        Prior to the locks being changed is when the papers went missing and nails were put under the tires. Again that is from the recording of the trial.

        • Sandy Beard says:

          Gayle, Lets put the facts in here. The ladies did not put nails under the fire trucks. The ladies did not steal papers from a locked office when only the fire department officers had keys too. And yes the office was locked ever since the door was put up. The ladies did not put a lawsuit against the fire department we put a injunction to unlock a door so we could run the hall as an emergency management hall for the Town of Croydon. It is hard when the Town Management Director doesn’t even had a key and can’t get access to the generator or furniture. The fire department lawyer can say what he wants at the injunction but without proof that have nothing. The preliminary injunction was to see if it was an emergency to get the door unlocked. He found for the fire department that it wasn’t an emergency. Then the Ladies Auxiliary dropped the injunction so the Judge never made a decision on the locked door or the quiet title. Facts are facts and the Ladies Auxiliary has done nothing wrong and is being kicked out of a building that they bought. And why are they being kicked out? Financial burden on the fire department and we don’t support the fire department financially. Wrong again. The fire department voted in 2001 to take all the bills over from the Ladies Auxiliary since we paid for them the first 25 years and now that the fire department has 2.3 million dollars it didn’t need the ladies paying it any longer. On the supporting the fire department we just paid $7500 on a new furnace in September and put $200 a month in a special account for them. They just need to ask. We received a letter from Mr. Rizza telling us he wants $14,000 for a piece of equipment and after receiving a reply letter from the President he sends us a eviction notice. Facts are facts.

          • ghedrington says:

            The judge did rule on the locked door in his opinion not in specifics but that is what the original complaint was.. or injunction. And although it was not a suit for money. Taking a civil action against a party is refered to a suit. The story reported on was from court records. I am not getting involved with the funding. I never touched the funding part, since I don’t have any accurate information on that.. it is a he said she said.
            All of this bickering fighting, in the fire department and ladies auxiliary needs to stop.

  3. katrina kirkell says:

    I would also like to add that the auxillary did not sue the fire department. I’m not sure where that information came from but it is false. Also if/when people see the eviction notice they will see that the fire chief is trying to get rid of some of the people on/in the auxillary. I do belive blackmail is illegal, just sayin..

  4. ghedrington says:

    A suit does not involve money. The Fire department was brought to court on a civil action, not a criminal action for an injunction. Technically it is a suit although it does not involve money..

  5. ghedrington says:

    I have uploaded part of the testimony and will upload more later.

  6. Dorothy H. Daltorio says:

    So sorry and so very sad at something like this happening in our small town of Croydon…people….just try to get along…we can all help each other if we all just pull together in so many ways…Just Saying…

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