NH Can’t Wait It’s Time to Take Action Holds Press Conference in Claremont

pressconferenceAbout 15 people attended the Claremont press conference NH Can’t Wait! It’s Time to Take Action at the Opera House. Representative from health care service industries and proponents of expanded Medicaid presented their reasons why NH needs the action. Amilee Gooding of the Phoenix House in Keene spoke how Medicaid expansion would help addiction problems in NH
Patti Harford, director of Early Childhood Education at Cinnamon Street Early Education and Childcare Center, spoke on the problems of the uninsured on small businesses.
Cheshire Medical Center’s Director of Community Health Clinical Integration Dr. Rudy Fedrizzi said we need to help neighbors and explained Cheshire’s program.
During a question and answer period Dr. Fedrizzi explained that medical costs are not rising and will go down with expanded Medicaid. However, expanded Medicaid lowers the fees paid to doctors.
The Senate Finance Committee voted last month to recommend that the expansion not be included in the bills and voted to approve an amendment that instead would establish a study commission. The full senate votes on this today

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