Two Rabid Racoons Found in Hanover

rabiesanddogsThe Hanover Police Department says they found two rabid raccoons last week. Both raccoons were reported acting strangely and had contact with domestic animals. The police ask residents to make sure their domestic animals are properly restrained and vaccinated.
Rabies testing is provided free when an animal of concern has had direct exposure to a person or domestic animal in the State of New Hampshire. If you see a “strange acting” wild or domestic animal in Hanover, NH do not approach it. Please call police for assistance.
For additional information about rabies visit the DHHS website at or contact the DHHS, communicable Disease Control Section, (603) 271-4496, during normal business hours.

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One comment on “Two Rabid Racoons Found in Hanover
  1. Mitchell Ota says:

    Why didn’t the citizens shoot the rabid critters?

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