New Hampshire’s Other Syrup

birch syrupMaple syrup season may have winded down, but birch syrup season is in full swing for a handful of producers in NH. Birch syrup is less popular and hard to find in NH and making birch syrup is similar to producing the more popular maple syrup. Birch trees are tapped from early April before they bud out, and the sap is boiled down and bottled for market. It takes 80 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of birch syrup and costs are about $300.00 a gallon. The Crooked Chimney in Lee NH began producing Birch Syrup in 2008 and the only commercial birch syrup farm in NH.

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2 comments on “New Hampshire’s Other Syrup
  1. Mitchell Ota says:

    I missed the maple syrup season. Where does the time go?

    • ghedrington says:

      Time goes by faster the older we get. Perhaps there are some places making syrup.. it has been that kind of spring.

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