VSP Cruiser Gets Hit

vermontstatepolicecareA Vermont State Police Car was hit shortly after 1:30 pm on Saturday during a routine traffic stop. During the stop on RT 113 a 1997 Chrysler driven by Kenneth Thurston 82 of Bradford VT struck Sgt. O’Donnell’s 2011 Victoria Crown Cruiser. Thurston said the headlights of the vehicles stopped on the side of the road blinded him. Both vehicles sustained minor contact damage to the left side of each car. There were no injuries or other property damage. The roadways were dry and clear and speed was not determined to be a cause of the accident.

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One comment on “VSP Cruiser Gets Hit
  1. amy says:

    We need mandatory driving tests every 2 years for drivers > 70 yrs. Blinded by headlights at 1:30 in the afternoon on a clear day? You shouldn’t be driving. Hope this guy’s license is taken. Lucky no one was seriously injured.

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