Ruger Gun Range a Go Despite Noise Complaint


Ruger’s Attorney, Kevin Reid

After a four and a half hour public hearing the Newport Planning Board unanimously approved the Mountain View Gun Range. The plan passed with the conditions, that the fence be maintained and in working order, the range is to be closed on Sundays and Federal Holidays except for six random Sundays, the no tresspassing signage is to be at every 25 yards, limiting caliber of gun to 50 except for gunpowder and for the site to meet all local, state and federal requirements.
The largest objection to the shooting range from opponents was the noise that the range would bring, despite efforts by Ruger to keep the noise at a minimum.
Planning Board Todd Fratzell addressed the sound issue by saying the site is zoned industrial and it is possible that a sawmill, or airport could be built there which be just a loud and the noise not controlled.
Opponents of the gun range were not available for comment but their attorney Rebecca A. Wagner said she did not know if they would appeal, she would have to check with her clients.
Rugers Attorney Kevin Reid was happy with the board’s decision but expressed some conern about not being opened on Sundays since the weekends is when many members of the Mountain View Gun Club go practice shooting.

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