Ray Burton Addresses His Health Issues

Executive Councilor and GRay Burton 7_12 003 (800x600)rafton County Commissioner Raymond S. Burton released the following statement regarding recent news of his heath.

“After months of tests, I have been diagnosed with curable kidney cancer. The treatment process expects to be about 2 -3 months. While under treatment I will temporarily reduce my travel and meetings schedule through the 108 towns, four cities – all part of the seven northern counties of NH I represent as Executive Councilor and Grafton County Commissioner.

“I will be responding to inquires for relief, assistance and information from folks who want my help within the NH Executive Branch of State Government, and County Government from my home office here at 338 River Road, Bath, NH. tel 747-3662 and email ray.burton@myfairpoint.net. I am still on duty to serve the people in the towns, cities counties in the land I have come to love over my lifetime of public service.

“I will be participating via electronic hook-up with the Official Meetings and hearings of the Governor and Executive Council and County Commissioner Meetings. In 35 years I have missed only one meeting of the Governor and Council and rarely miss a County Commissioner Meeting or events.

“Ben Belanger Plymouth State University Senior is the 142 Intern ( since my first term -1977) to my State House Office and is ready to respond to any inquires. He is at 271-3632.

“I expect to be back under full steam shortly. I thank my constituents, family, and friends for the out pour of support but fear not, Ray Burton will be back to 100% before you know it passing out business cards and combs! I am forever humbly at your service!”

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