Breaking News: Sprinkle System Breaks-Damages School


Newport Fire Department scraping up ice from Richards parking lot

Newport Fire Department and Public Works Department were busy Sunday afternoon. Newport Fire Lt. Jason Rook, said they received a call at 2:12 pm reporting a system break.

It was discovered a pipe from the sprinkler system in the attic broke allowing a couple of thousand gallons of water to run down the three floors of the building. Cold weather is the likely the cause for the break.

Water settled in the cafeteria, library and a special aid room it also ran outside of the building freezing over the parking lot and road.The water is currently shut off at the school and a professional fire and a water damage company is on site drying and cleaning up the building.

There is no school on Monday for students from Croydon and Newport who attend Richards Elementary. However Richards school staff is required to come to work at their regular time.

Tomorrow Vermont Life and Safety Services will be on site to check out the alarm system.

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