Bill Would Give Disabled Vets Property Tax Exemption

NYT2008110415304530CA public hearing was held on Wednesday on a bill sponsored by NH Senate President Peter Bragdon (R) District 11. Senate Bill 36 would exempt veterans who are totally and permanently disabled full exemption on their property tax. . Under the bill, a veteran has to be 100 percent permanently disabled due to combat-related injuries. It would benefit about 1,300 veterans statewide. The estimated cost would be about $3 million a cost spread among cities and towns. New Hampshire Municipal Association is against the bill since it increases the tax burden to other property owners
“We are talking about a complete exemption from property taxes for those who, because of a service-connected disability, do not have the ability to work,” Bragdon said.

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One comment on “Bill Would Give Disabled Vets Property Tax Exemption
  1. Alexander Brissette says:

    This would be a good bill. Any woman or man that put their life on the line to secure our freedoms should not have to pay taxes on their home. Remember these 100 % disabled veterans, woman and men can not work and have to rely on their montly check to make ends meet.

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