Claremont Man Faces Aggravated Assault Charges

vermont State PoliceA Claremont man will appear today in Windsor County Superior Court Criminal Division to face charges of Aggravated Assault charges for fight on I-89 in Hartford VT on Jan.11 Vermont State Police say Wesley Vorhes, 47 of Claremont and Robert Schneider 47 of Hartford VT were out drinking when Vorhes became intimate with a female at the Cave in Lebanon NH. Vorhes became hostile when Schnider mentioned Vorhes was his sister’s boyfriend.
While driving back to Hartford, the driver of the vehicle Robert Johnson had to stop the car because Vorhes was out of control. Vorhes and Schneider began another verbal argument outside the vehicle, which ended with Vorhes knocking Schneider unconcious and punching him in the face. Robert Schneider sustained severe facial injuries to include a fractured nose, cheekbone, upper jaw, and orbital eye socket fracture.

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