NH Fish and Game Supports Opening Doors to Happier and Healthier Lives

kidsNew Hampshire Fish and Game is supporting The NH Children in Nature Coalition resolution for 2013, “Opening Doors to Happier, Healthier Lives” In New Hampshire, 71 percent of children ages 6 to 17 and 53 percent of high school students do not get enough physical activity, according to the NH Department of Health and Human Services. The coalition has outlined recommendation for connecting kids with Nature in NH.
1. Increase participation in outdoor learning experiences for children and families.
2. Urge more children and families to get outside on a regular basis.
3. Ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience nature in his or her local community.
4. Provide children with more time for free play outdoors.
5. Increase appreciation and care of the outdoors through organized activities and groups.
6. Improve the health, fitness, and well-being of New Hampshire children.
7. Deepen the understanding of the natural world among children and youth.

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