The Seabrook Station nuclear power plant, the State of New Hampshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts is conducting an audible demonstration of the Public Alert and Notification System (PANS) on Wednesday, Dec 5 with sirens located within the 10-mile Seabrook Station Emergency Planning Zone.
All 121 PANS sirens will sound off at 12:30 p.m. with a steady tone for 3-5 minutes. No public action is needed.
Ninety-four of the sirens are located in the 17 New Hampshire towns in the Seabrook Station EPZ. In the event of an emergency at Seabrook Station, the sirens would alert people to tune to local radio or TV stations to get information and emergency instructions.
The siren demonstration is intended to increase public awareness of what the sirens sound like and what to do if they should be used in a real emergency. Detailed information on Seabrook emergency plans is available in the Seabrook Emergency Public Information Calendar that is distributed annually to all households and businesses in the EPZ.

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