Burglary at Grace’s Radio Shack May Have Enfield Connection

Shortly after 1:30 am on Thursday morning Newport Police responded to an alarm at Grace’s Radio Shack in Guild. NH State Trooper, Brandon Dean was in area and noticed a vehicle leaving from an adjacent parking lot. Trooper Dean stopped the car driven by Elyszabeth Michalski 21 of Manchester and with passengers Alex Call 18 of Bedford, and Robert Cennami 29, of Manchester. Several pieces of electronics commonly sold at Radio Shack were present in the car. Newport Officers Michael Nelson and Corporal Charles McLeman were at Radio Shack and determined there was a forced entry and it appeared that items were removed.
Further investigation by Detective Sgt. Ernest Rowe of the NPD uncovered additional evidence connecting the three to the burglary and charged, Cennami and Call with Burglary and Michalski with Criminal Liability. The Newport Police Department is working with the New Hampshire State Police Detectives Disuse and Gillis and Enfield’s Detective May as there have been several other recent area burglaries with similarities to one at Radio Shack

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