Newport Middle and High School Holds High Honors Breakfast

Thirty-three students in Newport Middle and High School made high honors this quarter. To celebrate the students’ academic excellence of getting straight A’s, New Principal Linda Sutton held a breakfast for the students and their parents on Saturday. Sutton believes in celebrating student success and will host other Honor Breakfasts in the second and third quarters. See more for students names.
12 Grade High Honor Students, Jacob Booth Jessica Fish, Darien Pauline Hubert, Daniel Huot, Alexandra Stefan Matthew Tremblay and Lydia Walker.
11Grade High Honor Students, Lindsy Desmaris, Allison Doucette, Renee Velittia Magoon, Leah Peel, Noelle Peterson, Julia Sullivan and Sophia Willis.
10 Grade High Honor Students, Anthony DiPadova III, Molly Early, Kacey Gassett, Alicia Lacasse, Michael Robertson, Catherine Tremblay and Tyler Triquet.
9 Grade High Honor Students, Felicia Marie Bushway Tyler Aaron Currier, and Christopher Lawrence.
8 Grade High Honor Students, Beth Boone, Jacob Paul Merritt, and Maegan Clara Sherburne,
7 Grade High Honor Students, Danielle Cherry, Haley McNamara, Hailey Perry, Anna Pysz, and Kennedy Pysz.

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