Governor Lynch and State Emergency Management’s Recommendations for Hurricanes

This storm could result in power outages, flooding, road closures and widespread debris.

While the exact path and severity of the storm remain uncertain, it is clear New Hampshire will experience a significant weather event and I urge everyone to be prepared,”Governor Lynch said. “It is important that all New Hampshire citizens and visitors monitor the situation closely and make necessary preparations.”

NH State emergency management officials recommended the following hurricane precautions be taken by all New Hampshire residents and visitors
Hurricanes can be unpredictable in terms of their exact pathway, wind strength and rainfall. The public should monitor weather information from the National Weather Service, radio and TV broadcasts and Internet sources.
Loose objects in your yard, such as toys and lawn furniture, should be secured.
As with all major natural events, ensure there is three days supply of water, non-perishable food and other supplies in your home.
Prepare for power outages by ensuring working flashlights and fresh batteries, and a battery powered radio. If you have a generator, ensure that it is professionally installed and can be operated without causing a health hazard. Please report outages to your electric utility.
Follow the direction of your local emergency officials.

For more information regarding the approaching hurricane and what steps should be taken in advance of the storm, please go to

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