Third Smash and Grab in Upper Valley Targets Jewelers

Lebanon Police say at 4 a.m. Monday a man driving silver or gray Volkswagen Jetta with no front plate drove into the front glass door at Pearce Jewelers on Glen Road in West Lebanon and took several thousand dollars worth of silver jewelry. Police say the car may have some damage or scotches to the front. Investigators believe the same man is responsible for the Sept. 30 smash and grab at the Jiffy Mart in Quechee Vt. and the Oct.2 smash and grab at Bear Hollow Vintage Guitars in Lebanon that were burglarized around 3 am in the same manner.
In ADDITION, police believe the same man robbed a Stowe Vt. restaurant in the early morning hours on September 3, saying the same car was used and a credit card stolen from the restaurant was used at a gas station next to Bear Hollow Vintage Guitars. Police are asking if anyone knows the car or the man in the photo to call Lebanon Police at (603) 448-1212.

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