NH State Board of Pharmacy to Hold Public Hearing on NECC

The NH State Board of Pharmacy is holding a public hearing on Wednesday October 17 at 10 am on New England Compounding Center in Framingham MA regarding the recent fungal meningitis from contaminated batches of intrathecal methylprednisolone injections made at the facility. The NH Department of Health and Human Services says up to 742 patients were treated at PainCare clinics in Somersworth, Merrimack and Newington may have been exposed to tainted medication
The CDC reports it has contacted 14,000 people in the US that may be infected with the fungal meningitis from the injections. ..

To date there are 170 reported cases and14 deaths in 11 states. The CDC advises Patients who had an epidural steroid injection since May 21, 2012, and have any of the following symptoms, new or worsening headache, fever, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, new weakness or numbness in any part of your body, slurred speech, Increased pain, redness or swelling at your injection site, should call their doctor immediately.

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