Oct. 17, Court Date for Exeter Hospital and NHDPH

Exeter Hospital is set to go to court on Oct 17 at 1 pm to settle the access to patient records request by the New Hampshire Department of Public Health (NHDPH) and the State Attorney General’s Office. Additional medical records were requested when the state learned during its investigation, that the infector an ex-employee, traveling technician David Kwiatkowski had access to the hospital’s main operating room and intensive care unit.
Exeter Hospital filed an action, seeking judicial guidance in Merrimack County New Hampshire Superior Court, on Aug. 31. The hospital says the state is seeking very broad access to a large number of patients’ full medical records and may expose highly sensitive medical information that state law requires the hospital to safeguard as confidential including substance abuse, sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases and treatment. Exeter Hospital fears access may be broader the state actually needs for its investigation.
The Attorney General Office states that state law requires health care providers to report and provide information to Public Health (DPHS) pursuant to communicable disease investigations. The NHDPH filed their objection on Oct. 2. See related story.


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