VP Biden Buys a New London Pumpkin and Visits Newport Middle and High School.

Vice President Joe Biden was in Hanover and Concord on Friday, but he made a few local stops along the way. One was at Springledge Farm where Dr. Biden and his wife Jill purchased a 34 lb. pumpkin in addition to a pie and raspberries.
Another unscheduled stop was at Newport Middle and High School. Superintendent Earl Sussman said he received a call that the Vice President was coming to the school and he left his office and headed towards the high school. Sussman said security was all over the school when he got there, and the Vice President arrived shortly afterward, and went out to the fields where all the fall sports teams were practicing and the Vice President spoke with the students.

Sussman says he didn’t know why the VP stopped in Newport, and added, “I’ve been in education for over 40 years, and nothing like this ever happened. It was a thrill to have the Vice President come and visit us.”

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