Violette’s Supermarket Returns to Newport

Dana Violette opens Violette’s Supermarket today on the same site as the original Violette’s started by Dana’s father Vern. Although this is Dana’s first store, he has been in the grocery business most of his life and has 40 years experience as a meat cutter. The store opens at 9 am.
At one time Newport had three groceries stores, Woodhull Market (the original Violette’s), A&P, and an IGA but since Violette’s closed in 1992, the town was left with just one, and residents have long awaited a second market.
Sunday, August 26, is the official Grand Opening with prizes and giveaways. Executive Councilor Ray Burton, State Senator Bob Odell and other dignitaries will be present for the event.

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3 comments on “Violette’s Supermarket Returns to Newport
  1. Cindy Densmore says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Dana when Butsons bought his fathers store, and he and Bruce came across town to where I worked in the IGA building. Dana is one of the best , good personality,also. I just want to say Congrats! on your store! You always talked about doing it.. Cindy and Jim Densmore

  2. ghedrington says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Carol Dixon says:

    Where were all of you when the store was open…it didn’t take you very long to show up at the closing of the store. If you would have supported the Violette’s Grocery store, this would never have happened.

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