Lowell Six Found Guilty

An Orleans County Criminal Court jury found Eric Wallace-Senft 46, of Wolcot, Suzanna Jones 50, of Walden, Ron Holland 67, of Irasburg, Anne Morse 48, of Craftsbury, Ryan Gillard 23, of Plainfield and David Rogers 69, of Craftsbury, guilty on charges of trespassing at the Lowell wind project site on December of 2011. In comments following the verdict, the Lowell Six, said they would continue their work to help Vermonters understand the failure of ridge-line wind to alleviate climate change or to provide inexpensive and reliable electrical energy.
“We are obviously disappointed with the verdict but respect the jury’s efforts. This is, and will continue to be, a complex case that rejects the simple and disingenuous offerings of Green Mountain Power. We will continue to educate Vermonters on the science and math of ridge line wind-generated electricity,” said Ron Holland.
On August 6, 2012, six other protesters were arrested on Criminal Trespassing at Lowell Mountain Wind Farm Project. They are due in court on September 25. See related story here.

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